Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Exploring Melbourne! Captain Cooks Cottage!

Today I am feeling like I am never going to get threw all my posts from our big trip! BUT I must Solider on!! 

Our first day in Melbourne Chris wanted to do a tour of the MCG... personally I would rather stab myself in my eye with a fork then be put through such torture, bahahhaha. So I headed across the road to Captain Cooks Cottage! 

Captain Cooks Cottage can be found in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens of Melbourne.

Built in 1755, Cooks Cottage is said to be one of the oldest buildings in Australia.

Originally the Cottage was located in Yorkshire, England and was bought to Australia in 1934.

Amazing each brick was individually numbered, packed then shipped to Australia. 

There is a small fee for entering and exploring cooks cottage, but in my eyes totally worth it. Its amazing to see how much life has changed and evolved in time. 

If you would like to check out the rest of the pictures I took from Cooks Cottage head to my facebook page! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

*Day Four* Destination MELBOURNEEEEEE! and the BLOCKTAGON!

Rocking up to Melbourne late that afternoon, could not come sooner. We were all pretty much over driving.  

First to find the hotel..... well didn't that end up being a pain in the arse and a hassle. We had no idea that they actually had 3 locations in the suburb with one main office. Of course we had the wrong one in the GPS. So we had to get to the main office, in a busy street where there was NO parking. Keeping in mind we also have a trailer which makes finding a park even harder. After about 3 laps I had the shits and just told Chris to illegally park up a side street. 

On the main street some random dude, probably off his face was running up to cars and banging on their windows. Thank god he didn't come down the side street. It would have scared the shit out of us. 

After about 20 minutes Chris got back to the car and off to the hotel we went. Easy Stay apartments it was called. Ha..... We had to get out of the car to put in the code for the gate on a busy street with our arse end and trailer hanging out. Finally we got sorted and lumped all our crap to the room and unpacked. Only to then relise the friggen toilet was leaking everywhere. Yep was slightly pissed off now! 

So Chris rang reception and they gave us a new room. So we had to repack and lump all out crap down to the new unit. Just was NOT our day. It made it even worse the rooms were not the best. the bathrooms were a dive, peeling paint, mould, dust, blergggg. We were here for 4 nights! 

After having a bit of a rest we decided to go for a drive by of the BLOCKTAGON!!! 

Unfortunately there was no Suzi on the balcony doing a strip tease for us....
OoooOOooops.... to far? 

*Day Four* The Dog on a Tuckerbox, Gundagai

 On our way to Melbourne we pulled into Gundagai to see the famous Dog on a Tuckerbox! 

So according to Wikipedia, The Dog on a Tuckerbox is an Australian historical monument that was made as a tribute to the pioneers who made the highway of today possible....

Let us know if you have heard any stories of this Dog on a tuckerbox in the comments. Would love to hear them! 

*Day Four* Mount Ainslie Lookout, Canberra

Our last stop before leaving Canberra was the Mount Ainslie Lookout! 
The photos explain all. 

Next Stop........ MELBOURNEEE!! 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

*Day Three* -Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Australian War Memorial... All I can say is wow.
The emotions felt while looking through here were emotions I had never ever felt before. So raw, so deep. It really puts what happened into perspective. 

I could of spent a good whole day just wondering through the memorial. 
 But because we did Cockington Green & The Dinosaur Museum in the same day, Zack was grumpy. 

Throughout the museum they have numerous scenes made out from the war.  

There are also letters written home to loved ones....

and guns that had been blown apart. 

The recruitment poster! 

The one thing that nearly bought me to tears were the crosses.....

Boots still had mud on them, like it was only yesterday they were stomping through trenches. (unfortunately I didn't get any pictures).

There is a massive section full of planes to! 

One day I will make it back here again! 
To reflect and remember them for all they did for us <3 
Lest We Forget x

If you would like more information on the War Museum head to their web page :

If you would like to see all the photos I have taken please head to my facebook page!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

*Day Three* Dinosaur Museum, Canberra

After visiting Cockington Green, we then ducked across the road to the dinosaur museum.
This place is absolutely amazing for kids that have an interest in Dinos! There are dinosaurs scattered all over the front lawn of the place with many many more inside. Apparently its Australia's largest perminate display! COOL! 

Master Zack was a bit frightened of them all to start off with. He just wasn't quiet sure with all the roaring and movements going on. He was always asking for Daddy to pick him up for cuddles. By the end of it he was running around all excited and roaring back at them.

There is plenty to look at and learn.

With some fantastic displays to take some great photos. 

You can find more out about the museum by visiting their web page:

Also you can view all of my photos from the museum on our facebook page:

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Just A quick Update!

Yes I know what you are all thinking! I am slack!!! Yes I know that to...

So I just wanted to quickly update you all and let you know that yes we have finished our 3 week of travels. I will still be posting about all the places we went, I just wasn't really able to on the road as internet was always crap, or we had no service or I was just plan buggered. But stay tuned I will be updating you all on what went on and i have a mixture of really groovy giveaways! 

Second quick update, yes we are all moved into our new house! Yippppie!

Check back soon, I promise there will be more on out trip over the coming days =)